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In the pink for the Lunar New Year
15:52' 5/2/2007
Pig out: Two stamps celebrating the New Year feature well-fed pigs, a symbol of prosperity and luck

A set of commemorative stamps to mark the 2007 Lunar New Year or Tet Dinh Hoi (the Year of the Pig), has been issued by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.




Depicted o­n the stamps are images of a family of well-fed pigs gathering happily together in the warmth of spring, symbolising prosperity. The stamps measure 43x32mm and come in denominations of VND800 and VND8,000.


The Ministry has also issued first-day covers bearing designs related to the theme of the stamps and two 150x100mm cards featuring an enlarged colour reproduction of the commemorative stamps.


The artwork is in the style of traditional Dong Ho paintings and printed o­n brushed diep paper made from ground seashells.


The commemorative stamps are designed to celebrate the most important festival of the year.


The Tet Dinh Hoi stamp set is the work of painter Vu Kim Lien, who works for Viet Nam Stamps Company. She is also the author of the Tet Quy Dau stamp set (the Year of the Rooster) issued in 1993, and the Canh Thin stamp set (the Year of the Dragon), to celebrate the new millennium in 2000.

 Ảnh minh họa
The company has been selecting designs for commemorative Lunar New Year stamps since 1993 from entrants nationwide and the winning designs for 12 years - the traditional cycle of the oriental horoscope.


Designing stamps for 15 years, Lien has created more than 200 stamp sets featuring various designs and has received national and international recognition for her work.


"Stamps used to welcome the Lunar New Year Festival should show enthusiasm and the freshness of the new spring, as well as traditional beauty," said Lien.

Source: Viet Nam News