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Women nationwide actively celebrating the 11th Vietnam National Women’s Congress
Posted: Mar 14,2012

Besides active responses to the Special emulation program named “Building affection houses for for poor, single, disabled and difficult women and presenting scholarships to difficult students who are children of soldiers working in border the boundary, and islands areas with and achieve good studying results despite difficulties”, provincial Women’s Unions in the whole country have also organized diversified and practical activities to welcome celebrate the 11th National Women’s Congress.

Hanoi Women’s Union organised the Hanoi Women Festival at the Children Palace on 4th March 2012 with the participation of over 1,000 WU staffs and members, officially launching the Emulation Program to celebrate the Vietnam National Women’s Congress. District WUs held meetings, launching the campaigns of environment protection, urban management and public transportation order, organizing cultural and sports activities such as badminton and volleyball competition, cultural performance festivals. All of the commune-level WUs carry out activities supporting women-headed enterprises and households businesses, and implement the movement “All people join hands for the new rural development”

Quang Nam Women’s Union in cooperation with Da Nang Women’s Union and Quang Nam Headquarters of Border Guards organised a Cultural Night to present 4 affection houses for poor women and 40 scholarships for poor students living in 4 border communes, i.e. LaDê, Laê, Chơ Chun, Đăc Tôi of Nam Giang district. District-level WUs in Quang Nam organized a series of activities to celebrate the March 8th and the 11th National Women’s Congress such as get-together with communal and dictrict female leaders for experience-sharing on women personnel work; presenting breeding pigs to poor women, building affection houses and giving scholarships to poor student with good performance; organizingwomen’s mini football, volleyball and badminton competitions; “Family meal” Day, “Coloring the Hometown” camping.

Ha Tinh Women’s Union has been presenting gifts, building and repairing houses, and supporting poor women and children by working labour. Especially, provincial WU has mobilized women to cultivate to quickly cover the areas of paddy that were distroyed by cold weather, calling for WU staffs and members to help families in difficulties and shortage of labor by donating working hours, seedling and capital. The women built nearly 15 kilometers of road, dredged and repaired over 47 kilometers of irrigation canals, developed and replicated the models “Women join hands for New Rural Development”. WUs at levels contributed over 1.5 billion Vietnam dongs to build 485 latrines, water tanks,hygienic animal houses; in cooperation with the Bank of Social Policies, enterprises and animal-raising households set up 7 safe breeding groups, provided soft loans valued over 2,5 billion Vietnam dongs to animal-raising households; installed 150 biogas tanks which is a contribution to environment protection, fuel-saving and health protection.

Quang Tri Women’s Unionin cooperation with Quang Tri Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched the movement “Quang Tri women join hands for the New Rural Development”; organizing the Review Conference on the cooperation between the provincial WU and Co-operative Alliance in the period 2006-2011 and cooperation plan in the period 2012-2015. Besideds, WUs organised “Lullaby singing competitions”, called for women to continue practice saving in different forms such as “rice jar for saving”, “Piggy banks”, “each organization and household has its own humanitarian address”, supported poor women and WU members from its saving resources; mobilised women to take part in Congress celebration works such as: dredging and repairing irrigation canals, building hamlet roads and hamlet gates, cleaning hamlet roads and lanes.

Khanh Hoa Women’s Union held a meeting with more than 40 women in management - deputies of the National Assembly and Provincial People’s Council, members of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial WU key staffs. At the meeting, female participants exchanged work experience and family management which aims at the balance betweenwork and family.

Thua Thien Hue Women’s Union launched an emulation movement to implement the Resolution of Provincial Women’s Congress. Using membership fee and its own fund, the provincial WU has supported 10 affection houses for poor, single women and WU staffs living alone and in difficulty in 9 districts, each house worth of 20 million VND. The house construction is to be started in March 2012. on March 5th, the WUof Hue City in cooperation with Hue College of Arts opened a galary “To celebrate the 11th National Women’s Congress (2012-2017)” with 76 posters on Vietnamese women painted by teachers and students from Hue College of Arts as well as secondary schools in the province. Those paintings reflect beautiful images of Vietnamese women in the period of modernization, industrialization and international integration.

Ha Nam Women’s Union held a meeting to launch the special emulation movement “Building affection houses for women and supporting children in difficulty. Communication targeting women has been carried out on the Resolution of Provincial Women’s Congress and the Resolution of provincial Party Committee on the new countryside development, urban-industrial development and human resource development.

Women in Binh Dinh organized several cultural performance, sport competitions, meetings to celebrate the 102th International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Two Trung Sisters uprising, seminar on “Women’s role in the period of national modernization and industrialization”; mid-term review of the emulation movement “Women study actively, work creatively and nuture happy family”. The provincial WU called for women to keep “piggy banks” to support poor students with good school performances, etc.

On the morning of March 6th, Binh Duong Women’s Union held a meeting to celebrate the 102th International Women’s Day and 1972 years of Two Trung Sisters uprising; organized a seminar on Vietnamese women’s fine virtues in the period of national industrialization and modernization; organized birthday events for the elderly women aged 70 and above.

Women in Tay Ninh province also has contributed many meaningful activities including meeting with women, presenting scholarships named Tran Thi Sanh to poor female students with good school performance, organizing food fair, theme workshop on reproductive health and family planning, awarding individuals with significant contribution to women’s advancement; giving presents to poor women, seriouslyill women and staff of local WUs.

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"... From the beginning of the first century A.D., when the two Trung Sisters rose up to fight the enemy and save the nation, until now, whenever our country has faced danger, our women have contributed whatever they could toward the cause of national liberation.

Our people are grateful that our mothers from South and North alike have borne and raised our nation's generation of heroes....

Under the Socialist system, tens of thousands of women have become specialists in different fields and, as cadre, serve as directors and vice-directors of factories, leaders of farming cooperatives, presidents of People’s Committees, and general secretaries of Party Cells....

And so, the women of Vietnam from ancient times until now, from South to North, from young to old, are truly heroes ..."

(Excerpted from President Ho Chi Minh's speech on the 36th Anniversary of Vietnam Women's Union 20 October 1966)

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